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Energy Levels And Yoga

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Have you ever experienced a feeling where the thought of getting out of bed makes you feel completely exhausted? Or knowing there is a task that needs your attention with a looming deadline, and you have no energy or desire to actually do it?

Meditation is an aspect of yoga that can help restore our energy levels!

Meditation is an aspect of yoga that can help restore our energy levels!

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This could be caused by energy blockages in the body or just not allowing yourself or your body the time to recover from a busy life. Yoga can help shift these blockages and help you feel energised, rested and ready to tackle what is required of you without the need to travel to a new destination and experiencing new cultures.

"Through the physical Asana practises, the 'dead' energy that is holding us back can be shifted by practising specific poses!"

The classic Sun Salutation is a good start to wake up the whole body and get energy flowing. It is strange how, when we find ourselves in that state of pure exhaustion, the thought of even doing a few rounds of Sun Salutation causes a rebellion within us, but by just gently starting, we feel renewed and energised afterwards.

It is simply the unblocking of that old energy that holds us back, that is required to help us move forward again. Practice your Sun Salutation with great awareness of the breath and encourage the breath to fill up the whole lung to engage the parasympathetic nervous system which will help bring calmness and stillness to the mind and body.

Taking a walk in the great outdoors has a similar effect. The blood gets moving around the body, our minds have an opportunity to become still and focus on nature rather than our own daily worries.

"The next aspect of yoga that can help restore our energy levels is meditation!"

By taking 5-10 minutes a day to allow the brain to only focus on the breath will release the tension in the brain and will lead to calmness in the shoulders, neck and back. You may wonder how do you start a meditation practice if it is new to you? Well, I suggest simply start by making a cup of tea, taking it into a favourite spot and drinking your tea with a focus on the taste. Think about how it will restore your body through hydration and allow the mind to become aware of the breath entering and leaving your body.

Just sit quietly for the allocated time and close your eyes and encourage your mind to just focus on the inhale and exhale - that's all. This will be especially beneficial after a few rounds of Sun Salutation or early in the morning before your day starts so enjoy every moment.

As Bob Marley said, "Live the life your love and love the life you live".

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