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How Gratitude Can Change One’s Perspective

How do you feel at this moment in your life?


Do you sometimes find yourself in a place where you forget to be deeply grateful for the little things in your life that bring you happiness and joy?

Gratitude changes my perspective on so many levels!

Gratitude changes my perspective on so many levels!

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I find that sometimes the day-to-day toil of keeping my head above water can make me forget. It means I miss the opportunities to identify those moments like the one I had recently where I became aware of this treadmill mindset of just keeping going without noticing when I experience joy. This weekend there was a moment of quiet when I sat in my garden to eat my lunch and the magic just happened.

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures" - Thornton Wilder

I became aware of the rays of the sun through the tree, the birds in the birdbath and the taste of my food. My heart became light and joyful. I recognised the moment with great gratitude and a joy to be alive!

It went further. I took a while longer to also acknowledge all the other opportunities that bring so much joy and opportunity into my life. My little rescue dog that is with me in South Africa, the walking, running and yoga that makes me so strong. The work that allows me the flexibility to develop my yoga, but brings structure and financial security, without which my life would be very challenging during this time.

I am grateful for my regular clients who show up regularly for the joy of yoga in their lives and the way it makes them feel. Mostly, I am grateful for the privilege to share the magic and joy of yoga with them.

I am sharing this because once I recognised and acknowledged the joy, the gratitude changed my perspective on so many levels. Suddenly I did not notice the troubles that bring the dark dullness into my life, nor the restrictions that come with living with COVID-19 in our midst.

"It helped me think creatively about what is possible and to pursue that with enthusiasm!"

How do you feel at this moment in your life? Do you recognise the little or big moments of joy and take a moment to acknowledge it with gratitude? If not, refer back to a little exercise in a previous blog post to perhaps help you along your way.

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