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Re-visiting The Topic Of Grief, Finding Meaning And Yoga

I listened to a very useful podcast ...


When I wrote about my personal experiences of grief in a previous blog post, I thought it will be it and I won't feel the need to revisit it again. Turns out I was very wrong, so here we are again ...

It fills my heart with love and hope that things will be good again as I return to my yoga practice!

It fills my heart with love and hope that things will be good again as I return to my yoga practice!

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It could be the recent death of my mom, just a month ago, or getting close to the anniversary of my husband's passing, but the feeling of what I can only describe as 'numbness' returned recently.

Grief for the loss of what we once held dear in our lives is one of the areas of life where I believe, from personal experience, that yoga can make a huge difference on many levels!

Jess, from The Ideal Marketing Company, shared a link to a podcast between Brene Brown and David Kessler, the world-renowned expert on grief management on this very topic. David specifically talks about the huge loss we all experiencing across the world as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He refers to the Elizabeth Kübler-Ross five stages of grief model: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and explains that what many of us are experiencing during this pandemic is grief for the loss of the lives we once knew. He argues that going through these stages of grief are not necessarily a linear process and we could return to previous stages.

"He has added a sixth stage to this model
namely, meaning!"

It's about remembering those who have died with more love than pain and learning to move forward in a way that honours our loved ones. In the context of the pandemic this stage may be to appreciate the quiet reflective times or acknowledging the opportunity of connectiveness through technology. He makes the point that we cannot find meaning without experiencing and acknowledging the pain of our loss.

For me, my walks in the woods with my dog are special. I often come across little white feathers which are commonly known to symbolise messages from our angels or, in my case, from my husband Peter.

It fills my heart with love and hope that things will be good again as I return to my yoga practice to build physical and mental strength to continue my life.

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