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Recognising A Moment Of Contentment

Lock them away for when you need them ...


The Oxford Dictionary defines contentment as a feeling of being happy or satisfied. It's that moment you get where life feels good and you are at peace with yourself; which is how I feel right now ...

Life is about cycles, so lock away those moments of contentment to use when you need them!

Life is about cycles, so lock away those moments of contentment to use when you need them!

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I always remind myself of the constant ebb and flow of life; the inevitable good periods that are followed by less good periods. Most importantly is to recognise and enjoy the good periods with full acknowledgement that, "like all things, this too will pass". I find it best to not only enjoy that moment, but also to store it in my memory bank and almost every cell of my body.

"Because I never know when I'll need it in the future!"

I mentioned the Yamas and Niyamas before in a previous blog post. I do like Stephen Cope's explanation and I quote him here, "The yamas are really about restraining behaviours that are motivated by grasping aversion, hatred and delusion; the niyamas are designed to create well-being for ourselves and others". He views them as an invitation to act in ways that promote inner and outer peace and bliss, opportunities to truly transform one's life.

So, Santosha or contentment is the second niyama. In the article, Path to Happiness: 8 interpretations of the Yamas and Niyamas published in the Yoga Journal, May 2017, Santosha is described as the greatest happiness, the underlying joy that cannot be shaken by life's tough moments, by injustice, hardship or bad luck.

Instead, the author goes on to say, it is really about accepting life as it is. It's not about creating perfection. Life will throw what it wants at you and you will ultimately have little control. It is rather about welcoming what you get or have at that moment in time.

Although I fully agree with this, I also think there are times that are more joyful than others and it's the ability to be attuned to oneself so you can recognise that feeling of upliftment and joy, to acknowledge it and remember how it makes you feel so that you can return to it.

The reverse is also true, if these feelings of upliftment and joy are lacking in your life at the moment, and perhaps the memory bank is a bit depleted, know that this too shall pass as part of the eb and flow of life.

"Be ready for the next moment of contentment though to recognise it, acknowledge it and store it in every cell of your body!"

I close with the thought that you should focus on being aware of the small or big moments in this day. When something brings a moment of joy and really experience the feeling and remember that feeling to return to it when you need to in the future.

Because life is about cycles ...

Until next time ...


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