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Shoe Dog: This Book Will Cure What Ails You!

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The book, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, just hit the sweet spot with me on so many levels. Some of the reviews are raving, others mediocre, and others more controversial, but it was a very inspirational read ...

Without the determination of Shoe Dog Phil Knight, Nike wouldn't exist today!

Without the determination of Shoe Dog Phil Knight, Nike wouldn't exist today!

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You can purchase Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike yourself. I cannot even say that I spent two seconds thinking about Nike as a special brand before reading the book. Still, now I look at it in awe and feel inspired to keep going regardless of what obstacle I may face.

"Especially when building a yoga tribe
during a pandemic!"

So, what was it about the book that made it so special? Well, it is written by Phil and from his perspective. Make no mistake, he had a fabulous team around him, all of whom were clever and uniquely different.

They all had in common that none of them 'fitted' into the normal corporate roles of the day. The other very important aspect was that they did what they did out of passion and not driven by the desire to make loads of money.

It was always about spreading the benefits and their love of running to as many people as they could reach as individuals and then, over time, through the brand. There were so many turning points where the company could have failed, but yet, through their tenacity, guts and determination to succeed, it didn't fail. Instead, it became one of the most recognised brands in the world.

I admire the fact that Phil and his wife Penny struggled financially for many years and stayed together through it all, despite personal losses along the way. Over the years, and still today, they do so much for charity. In 2020, they gave the 2nd and 3rd largest donations globally to charity, as reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

They are still very humble and do the same everyday things they used to do during the early years of their lives together. For me, the thing that stood out the most was that he took calculated risks, made possible by knowing his business and listening to his gut.

There were so many obstacles along the way and naysayers at every turn, but he always consulted his team and then moved forward. He was transparent and upfront when he did things that could be perceived in a negative light. He also did his homework before entering into a new market. Making sure he understood the culture and the way business is done before entering the unknown.

"How does this relate to yoga?"

Well, he was (and still is) a very spiritual person, but for me, the connection lies in the inspiration to never give up. To believe in oneself so much that you give it your all in the quiet knowledge that it is the right thing to do despite the difficulties you may face.

I'd highly recommend Phil's book, Shoe Dog to you.

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