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The Art Of Being Grateful

When life gives you lemons ...


My mom loved to say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade! I have come to understand it to mean that it is up to me to change my view of my world and circumstances to create the reality I want for myself ...

Even the warmth of the sun on your face can help you with being grateful!

Even the warmth of the sun on your face can help you with being grateful!

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This sounds so easy, but at times it can be challenging to say the least. For example, I find it very hard to stay optimistic amidst the bombardment of negative news and being aware of the hardship across the world.

So, many people loosing their livelihoods as a result of Coronavirus which has a rippling effect on pets, children, the elderly and then to top it off the exploitation of the vulnerable in society, be that people or animals.

"So how does one turn lemons into lemonade under these circumstances?"

For me it is always about going back to the simple things that give meaning to my life, which reminds me of the small pleasures that bring me joy and I build from there. This could be taking my dog for a walk in the woods, hearing the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun. It could mean practicing yoga or, if all else fails, simply being grateful for a peaceful cup of tea then becoming aware of my breath ... the privilege of life itself.

If you find yourself in a place where you have forgotten about turning lemons into lemonade, perhaps try this little exercise? Find a pen and some paper then take a few minutes, resting in your favourite chair or your peaceful place and start to make a list about what makes you happiest about your life.

Think about circumstances that helped you arrive at this and write it down. If you are starting from a place of deep unhappiness or deep frustration, start very small ... think of your breath, your cup of tea, your quiet space ... dig deep to find a starting point, it gets easier once you started.

Don't stop there either! Remind yourself every day, put your list where you can see it as a reminder and always notice and return to your breath, your constant, reliable friend.

I close with my husband's favourite song to help find that inspiration to look for the small or big things that bring joy and happiness in your life, to help you turn lemons into lemonade.

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