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The Thought Of Becoming Better

To Waiting ...


So often in life, we stop ourselves from doing or experiencing something, because we aim to become better or become an expert before we trust ourselves enough to do or experience something fully ...

If you're waiting for the perfect you, you will miss the experiences that life has to offer right now!

If you're waiting for the perfect you, you will miss the experiences that life has to offer right now!

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Perhaps I speak only for myself when I say this, but I suspect there are others who experience the same. I worked for a bank in South Africa and one of the customer service statements of the organisation was, "Strive for perfection and you'll achieve excellence".

"As a young employee that really struck a chord and stayed with me to this day!"

There is however a flip side to this. It does stop one from living in the moment and accepting that sometimes good is simply good enough to be able to make a difference to the self, to others, or to just live life to the fullest at a moment in time.

A practical example of what I am referring to is that I need to provide photos of myself doing yoga for my new website. I have been putting this off for a while, offering many excuses such as the weather is not suitable, my hair is not good, my yoga asanas need perfecting ... and the list goes on and on.

In the mean-time, there is no real progress towards the end goal because I am striving for a level of perfection which may never happen!

In his book, Will Yoga & Meditation Really Change My Life?, Stephen Cope interviews Edward Espe Brown, the head resident cook at Tassajara Zen Mountain Centre. Edward captures the notion of striving for better so beautifully when he says, "When you start out doing spiritual practice you think you're going to become Zen, become better than you." He also quotes a poem by W.S. Merwin called To Waiting in which he talks about how you are waiting to become someone even better than you.

He makes the point that while you are waiting to become somebody even better or waiting for the right moment, you miss your life. It's a reminder that when you seek for that 'better' or that 'right' moment, you lose your present life. Rather than becoming Zen or whatever, you accept you and what the moment offers.

He admits it takes much courage and commitment to accept this and not try and measure up to some standard or ideal, but just to be oneself. He refers to this as enlightenment which comes with a really deep trust in oneself and with this trust, your life just unfolds.

I close with this beautiful poem about waiting for the perfect you, but missing the experiences that life has to offer during this waiting period. It very much reminds me of yoga. Yoga is a journey, a process that unfolds.

It builds awareness of the self and the beauty of what life has to offer.

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