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What Does Being Grounded Actually Mean?

How does it really make you feel?


In the yoga world, we often use the term 'being grounded', but you may wonder what it really means and what implications it has for your life ...

What gives you the feeling of stability and strength that comes from being grounded?

What gives you the feeling of stability and strength that comes from being grounded?

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To me, yoga means many things and brings much joy into my life, but one particular thought that comes into my mind when I think of yoga is the feeling of being solid, stable and strong like a mountain or a big tree with roots reaching deep down into the earth, despite the turmoil of what may happen in my life.

"This is what I think 'being grounded' means and yoga definitely helps me to achieve this!"

My feet are planted solidly on the ground and I feel the support that comes from the earth to bring that balance and even energy surging up through my feet into the rest of my body. It brings reassurance and calm ... a knowledge that all will be ok.

A definition that explains this feeling of being grounded in yoga terms beautifully comes from an article on the Mind Body Green website and I quote, "Being grounded means that you're present in your body and connected with the earth. When you are grounded you allow yourself to feel centred and balanced no matter what's going on around you."

"Is this a feeling you can identify within your life? What brings you that feeling of being connected to the earth and your surroundings?"

Again, for me, I love to focus on my toes and my feet, especially before I start my Sun Salutations and I love to integrate and share this with my fellow yogis in my yoga classes. I take a moment to lift my toes, focus on the feet touching my mat and feel the support from the floor whilst taking a breath. Only then do I start with my physical Sun Salutations.

We often ignore the toes, but through the toes come equilibrium and balance in our movement. Ensuring the toes and feet are allowed space in our shoes for movement bring further stability in what we do every day. I believe that by keeping our feet and ankles strong, flexible and mobile, it will provide strength and stability as we get older, preventing the possibility of losing our balance and causing injuries to the rest of our bodies. I also love to reach up to the sky, but always reminding myself that my toes and feet are stable and strong on the ground making it possible to reach for the stars.

"Take a moment and allow yourself to think!"

What gives you the feeling of stability and strength that comes from being grounded? Do you have a favourite physical activity that helps you to connect with the earth and build strength in your body?

What is that and how does it really make you feel.

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